Monday, July 16, 2012

Press Images

PRESS RELEASE (html not pdf).

Images below: Photo credit Two Fingers Gallery.

Wall-plan digital sketch for exhibit "Give an Inch" at both locations.

Two Fingers Gallery, Chelsea location.

Two Fingers Gallery, Bowery / LES location

(Two Fingers Gallery visible in lower left corner.)

(Woman on sidewalk looks at Two Fingers Gallery.)

Images below: photo credit the respective artists

Images shown (as miniatures) in the exhibit:

Robert Chapman [ ]
showing a mini image of:
Urban Lament #158.
(Original: 2010 photograph.)

Terry Ward [ ]
showing a mini image of:
Series 340 (aka Puppy).
(Original: 2012 mixed media painting on 4 omnidirectional panels each 12"x78" —overall dimensions variable.)

Adrienne Moumin [ ]
showing a mini image of:
Coo by Tony Oursler at Metro Pictures from Moumin's "Decade in a Day" series.
(Original: 2003 photograph.)

Betty Tompkins [ ]
showing a mini image of:
Kiss Painting.
(Original: 2007 acrylic on paper 28"x28".)

Peter Reginato [ ]
showing a mini image of:
(Original: 2012 enamel painting on wood 72"x57".)

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